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We specialize in the Full-Time placement of all levels of Public Finance Bankers, Housing Bankers, Health Care Bankers, Municipal Advisors, Compliance Officers, Traders, Underwriters Institutional Sales, Issuers & Bond Counsels.  Unlike our competitors, opportunistic hiring is our watchword, we do not need “job orders”.  Our client companies know & trust us as public finance recruiters to find the best people nationwide for them.

Feature In Forbes 100

H. Friedman Search has been featured on the Forbes 25 list under "America's Best Professional Recruiting Firms" for 2023. We care about what we do and we do it well. Our success is not by chance, it's because of the opportunities that we create intentionally. 

Special Feature: Guest Appearance On
The Recruitment Coach Podcast

I had the honor and privilege of discussing some incredible topics with Mark Whitby on this podcast. It was an amazing opportunity that I simply couldn't pass up. Take a listen to this episode regarding my journey and public finance recruiting. It may inspire you in your future endeavors.

Practice Areas

Sourcing, presenting, negotiating and closing candidates

Proud Member of the Pinnacle Society since 2018

  • a. General Government Bankers
  • b. Housing Bankers
  • c. Health Care Bankers
  • d. K-12 / Charter Schools Bankers
  • e. Higher Ed Bankers
  • f. Transportation Bankers
  • g. P3 Bankers
The difference from other public finance recruiters.

Why the need for another recruiting firm?

The best fit for you. Different from all other public finance recruiters.

3 Reasons to Hire H. Friedman Search, LLC



H. Friedman Search, LLC is extremely unique within the field of Capital Markets recruiting, as the Principle Harlan Friedman is and has been a Public Finance Banker, JD and a recruiter for a total of 30 years.

How many times has a recruiter reached out to you to not only tell you about Series 7 positions, or if Attorney about legal positions that has nothing to do with your field of expertise?

Or conversely as a Hiring Manager; how much time have you invested by talking with public finance recruiters, reviewing resumes, and interviewing applicants that do not even come close to what you were looking for?

I cannot promise you that every applicant we suggest you chat with you will want to hire, but with our firm I can state succinctly that your time will never be wasted.



How can I make such an assertion, quite simply I walk my talk? The professionals that I speak with daily know that I understand their business. The conversations we have are not surface level, but deep meaningful discussions about their career objectives.

When they talk about their frustrations with their current platform, or failure of performance by the desk, or lack of dedication of their firm to the Public Finance space – they know I get it!

Because of their comfort level with my knowledge of the industry and my confidence as a seasoned recruiter, I am told what is their “real story”; not a knee-jerk reaction to get me off the phone.  In addition, many of the people I engage with, I have been chatting with & advising them for years.  

Therefore, when the right opportunity is presented to me as they do with public finance recruiters, I sometimes (but not all the time) know the right candidate to put in front of the Hiring Manager.



The hardest part of making a move is to deal with the emotional ups & down that naturally occur with such a decision. Because of our vast experience within this industry as public finance recruiters, we are able to coach you through every step of the process

Knowing and understanding that most candidates will go through an emotional roller-coaster throughout the process is the key to a smooth transition. If you are not feeling this, you are not a serious candidate.

Working with a trusted advisor whom you can confide in should minimize the emotional upheavals you are being subjected to at home and work. We will be with you whether you choose to make the move to a new firm today or in the future. Your employment transition is our number one interest at all times!


Recent Positions & Hires

We are pleased to share with you our recent hires for Public Finance Professionals including:

Chicago, IL

Head of Capital Markets

Los Angeles, CA

Managing Director Public Finance

St Louis, MO

Municipal Bond Underwriter

Columbus, OH

Municipal Bond Counsel

Denver, CO

Compliance Officer

Dallas, TX

Public Finance Banker

skilled specialist with extensive background experience

In-depth knowledge of Public Finance and legal arenas

Dedicated professional talent acquisition expert


Experience Surpassing Other Public Finance Recruiters & Firms













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