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Public Finance BankersThe area of Capital Markets is all-encompassing.  There is both the Equity side as well as the Debt side of the capital markets arena. All need reliable public finance bankers and professionals.

But when it comes to the debt side of capital markets, specifically dealing with municipal finance/public finance, there is no one more knowledgeable in the field today than the professionals at H. Friedman Search LLC

Our Recruiting Philosophy – We do not accept traditional job orders, because of our vast knowledge in this field first as a Public Finance Banker and secondly as a recruiter, our clients trust us to bring them the very best candidates nationwide.  If you know what BAN’S, TRAN’s and COP’s, are you are the type of candidate we can work very well with.  Our clients are always looking for the top Public Finance Bankers & Professionals to add to their growing teams.

Under the field of Public Finance Bankers we actively work with all traditional bankers across the full spectrum from local bankers to Healthcare & P3 Bakers, to special districts and school bankers, we cover them all.  Public Finance is our passion and the only area we actively recruit for.

We have been recruiting now for almost ten years, have moved close to one hundred individuals in all areas from junior analyst to Head of Capital Markets, and all positions in between. 

Please review our testimonial page as well as our blog page for more information that will advance your career in Public Finance.

We can certainly help you find your next (and hopefully last) firm, as we only work with Seasoned Professionals that are looking to transition to that “perfect” platform.

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