Read what Harlan’s Satisfied Clients have to Say about H.Friedman Search:

"Harlan has leveraged his deep knowledge of the legal and banking sectors in the public finance industry...

to become the most effective recruiter I have had the pleasure of working with. Harlan's ability to think 'outside the box' with respect to seeking-out the most qualified candidates is remarkable. This skill, combined with a tremendous work ethic and situational judgment has yielded great success for us in our efforts to expand our bond counsel practice across a national platform. He has taken the time to develop a thorough understanding of our business objectives, and to suggest ways to help us execute on them. In this way, our work together has been more of a partnership than the traditional law firm/recruiter relationship."
— Richard Manley Jr., Locke Lord
"Harlan reached out to me via LinkedIn...

when I was in the process of finding a new job in the institutional sales side of the municipal bonds business. Although Harlan's expertise was more on the public finance side he was able to leverage his relationships and helped me find my next career opportunity. I felt that Harlan was always on my side and gave me great advice. He was always there to talk when I needed it going through the stressful time of job hunting. Thank you Harlan! I would highly recommend working with Harlan."
— Anonymous, Municipal Bond Sales
"Harlan always was and continues to be a pleasure to work with...

We have been in touch for a number of years, and on occasion he brings forward interesting opportunities that are sometimes unexpected but always worth the time exploring. Harlan is thorough, diligent, and a true master of his craft. He is an excellent negotiator and expertly plays the role of a third party at the negotiating table, accurately setting expectations and acting as a strong advocate for his clients. Overall a very positive experience, and one that I'd be happy to repeat as needed. I would recommend Harlan as a resource to anyone in the public finance community."
— Anonymous, Director
"Harlan is honest, patient, and direct as a recruiter...

He exceeded my expectations, making a genuine effort to align not just my skills and capabilities with an employer, but by paying attention to what I was looking for culturally and values-wise in a firm. Harlan is interested in finding the fit that benefits everyone."
— Brian Shiels, Public Finance
"Harlan's eagerness to help clients gain experience within public finance investment banking is phenomenal...

He is genuinely invested in the client's success and thoroughly takes time to listen. With his wealth of knowledge and vast experience, he works with the client to come up with a strategic plan."
— Anonymous, Institutional Fixed Income Sales
"Calling Harlan Friedman a “Recruiter” or “Search Professional” does not do him justice...

Perhaps I’m just a bit jaded but, I’ve always found the term “search professional” to be an oxymoron. While the industry is dominated by those seeking the perfect algorithm to maximize job description/resume “key word” matches, Harlan proves there is no substitute for the hard-won insights of an industry insider.

Although a friend had introduced me to Harlan as “the only recruiter worth speaking to in public finance,” I was skeptical. My expertise (tax-exempt, private activity bonds for charter schools) was “niche.” My background (more in education than public finance) was “unique.” I assumed that my conversation with Harlan would be nothing more than a polite formality. I could not have been more wrong.

From the start, Harlan engaged me with enthusiasm, listened intently and followed up with thoughtful questions. While I was concerned my unusual background would limit my opportunities, Harlan was bullish. Rather than searching a database of positions to be filled, Harlan reflected on his relationships to determine whether there was a place where I could unlock new opportunities for a firm, and they could offer me the chance to build a practice. Within a few days of our initial conversation, Harlan offered some out-of-the-box ideas where he saw the potential for a match. In our discussion, we agreed there were four firms with which Harlan had long-standing relationships, where there might be a fit. When he reached out on my behalf, it became very clear to me that, when Harlan Friedman calls, with an idea or an introduction, the public finance industry answers. One week later, I’d completed phone interviews with three of the four firms and began discussing next steps with Harlan.

To say that I was impressed with how things had progressed would be an understatement. If you are reading this and you have the opportunity to work with Harlan, I recommend you jump at the chance. If I can answer any questions or you’d like additional information about my experience working with Harlan, feel free to call me any time at (773) 206-0385."
— Tiny McLaughlin

"Insightful, truthful, high integrity and very responsive....

...Harlan proved to be all of these things while keeping my best interests in mind through my recruitment and employment transition (to the role of public finance investment banker from municipal advisor). He was able to fairly and carefully balance my decision-making time frame and needs with my new employer's objectives for the position. His guidance and perspective were rooted in first-hand knowledge of the public finance sector and he was true to his word through negotiations.

If not available on the spot, Harlan was very quick to respond and dedicate time to discuss the issues and thoughts at hand. I'm grateful for his approach and engagement - both professionally and personally - through the full process up to and including my first day with my new firm."

— John W.

"The interview opportunities that he set up for me and the advice that he gave were invaluable....

Harlan was the only recruiter that I have encountered who understood what I was doing for the last decade. The major plus was the fact that Harlan had worked on public finance deals in the past, so you will find that Harlan understands the motivations of the various parties involved and the dynamics between them in public finance transactions.

In my case, he understood what I had done as bond counsel and was able to place me with a very reputable firm. The interview process was painless as he had handled all of the administrative matters from my submission of my resume to accepting the offer. The interview opportunities that he set up for me and the advice that he gave were invaluable; all I had to do was prepare to talk. If I had to juggle with closing deals and managing the interview process at the same time, it was clear to me that I would not have been able to focus on making the best pitch about myself."

— Peter K. Lam, Special Counsel

"Whether banking or legal, Harlan Friedman is the go-to professional for public finance recruiting.

What separates Harlan from others is that he knows the market. Public finance is a small legal community, so small that other recruiters don’t put in the time or effort to understand what makes this sector unique such as billing pressures, political influence and the nature of the competition. Harlan is an expert in this sector and knows how to find the right opportunities and establish the candidates value proposition.

The only things more important than his sector knowledge are his character and integrity. He became a trusted partner and advisor who saw possibilities for my career that I did not see myself. He patiently guided me through every step of the process.

Bottom line, if you are an experienced public finance professional, whether a lawyer or a banker, you can not put your career in the hands of anyone other than Harlan Friedman."
— Anonymous, Bond Counsel

"Harlan understands how important discretion can be...

I think the best testimonial I can offer about Harlan is that I have been equally pleased to work with Harlan as a banker and as a hiring manager.  Harlan understands that one-size-does-not-fit-all within public finance, and he seeks to make long-term, compatible placements.

I value his integrity, his judgment, his personality, and his care. For firms and for high-quality candidates, Harlan understands how important discretion can be to identifying mutually beneficial arrangements."

— Anonymous, Public Finance

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