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Municipal AdvisorsSeries 50 Advisors are becoming more and more relevant in the area of Capital Markets. Whether you are at a traditional Financial Advisory Firm, or you are currently at an Investment Banking firm, your services are in demand like Municipal Advisors. 
We currently represent firms that are looking for experienced advisors such as Municipal Advisors and more nationwide.
With the advent of mergers of smaller FA firms, consolidations of larger firms, you may not feel that you are getting the support that you once had. You may be asking yourself the question: “what else can I do with this knowledge?” I am here to say that your highest and best usage of your experience is to share that with a new firm and not look outside of the industry. The number one question I am asked is what do I see as the future?… As I am not a predictor, but a student of this industry for over 30 years, I am confident that the industry as we know it will continue to evolve.
There will be a consistent need for professionals that know and understand the role of Municipal Advisors.
Firms both FA and Investment Banks know that the financial advisory role is a critical one, and as such are looking for seasoned professionals to help guide them into the future. View our Job Board here »

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