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Bond CounselsThis is a very broad term that encompasses so many positions; Bond Counsel, Underwriters Counsel, Disclosure Counsel, Issuers Counsel, Tax Counsel (Section 103) Borrowers Counsel and Creditors Counsel. We have been representing Nationwide Law firms that are dedicated to this space. 

As the economic tides turn, firms are not staying within this genre, the way they had in the past. Firms that once valued Public Finance Attorneys are turning their back on them and looking at the higher fees generated in other areas, some even across the pond.

Why would you want to work for one of those firms today?

There are plenty of firms that see the value of a good strong growing public finance legal practice, and they are the only firms that H. Friedman Search represent. 

Once again, we are extremely privileged to partner with the leaders in the League Tables in both Competitive and Negotiated Underwriting actions.

A growing trend is the aging of the bond counsels and as such “young blood” is wanted who can eventually take over a Senior Bond Counsels book of business.  We have firms that are looking specifically for that Senior Associate 7 – 15 years in practice looking for a mentorship role leading towards a partnership track down the road.

The firms we represent are growing their Public Finance, not consolidating — or worse — eliminating them.  They are the firms that you read about in the Bond Buyer adding to their established practices.  They have chosen us to help them with their recruiting goals, because again we walk our talk, we know the legal side as well as Public Finance .

If you are not feeling the “love” you once felt, we should be chatting

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