When Is A Good Time To Make A Move? The Emotions & Excuses To Battle When Deciding

Is there ever a good time to make a move? How do you know? What emotions should you be listening to during the process of deciding? Here's what you should know.

The time is never right and other excuses we tell ourselves when choosing whether or not it’s the right time to make a move.

Isn’t it true? Today’s blog is going to explore the mental issues behind making a move.  Transition is never easy.  It’s not just that we are concerned about what we are leaving behind, but it’s also what the future holds for us.  Are we making the right move?  Is it the right time to make a move? Questions like these are always looming in our minds. The further we go in the interview process, the more prevalent they become.

Common Feelings

Let’s explore this in depth.  Let me state at the outset: you are not alone with these feelings when considering the right time to make a move.  Everyone who seriously contemplates making a move experience this.  It’s how you deal with this mental issue that separates those that make the move from those that stay at their current firm.  Making a move is one of the hardest decisions anyone is going to make in their life, except the top three in my opinion, which are getting married, having children, and buying your home.  Your top three may be different, but the point is that it’s emotional. With any emotional decision comes ups and downs.  On a personal note, my wife canceled the purchase of our last home more times than I can mention.  I had to call the realtor and just tell her to ignore Sharon, frantic calls, etc.  We have been in our house now for over twenty years by the way.

What’s The Second Step?

By acknowledging that this is a very emotional decision, you have taken the first major step.  The second step is to ask yourself why you want to make a move.  What statistics have shown over the years why you want to make a move?  If they are strong enough, they will persuade any individual to go through and make that move.  The further you are in the interview process, the stronger the emotions will be.  Again, statistics have shown that if the reason is strong enough, you will have the same problem you are trying to solve if you stay at your current firm.  It’s just not going to go away.  Carrots may be dangled in front of your eyes by your current firm or in your own mind, but the problems you are currently experiencing are still going to remain and may even grow larger in the coming years.

The Reason Behind Why It’s Never A Good Time To Make A Move

I always tell my candidates, “If money is the only reason you are leaving, stay where you are.”  If on the other hand, you have valid reasons then you should move.  Honestly, there is never a good time to move.  There are always going to be new potential deals that make you think that now is not the time to make a move.  However, it’s your mind playing tricks on you to protect you.  It’s the emotions of thinking that a move is prevalent that is causing you to tell yourself, “Now is not the time to make a move.”  Let’s be extremely clear.  Now is the time to make a move when you are at the top of your game.  In last week’s blog, we addressed the rumblings in the street. Well, they are getting louder.  Firms will not be making the same offers today that they will be making in three months.  Take advantage of this climate now.

The Excuses In Your Head

Stop telling yourself there are deals coming that you will lose. Stop telling yourself that you’ve been at your firm so long that they are now going to reward you. Stop telling yourself that your senior manager is going to retire so you are going to get his book of clients.  These are just excuses that we use to placate ourselves to stay where we are at.  Let’s face it: this is an emotional decision. With that, the question you have to ask is, “Am I going to be in a better place in the years to come if I make this move for myself and my family?”  This is the only question you should ask yourself when considering the time to make a move. If the answer is no, then stay put.  However, if the answer is yes, then put the emotions behind you, and make the right business decision. We are here to help you sort this out.


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