Why Is The Resignation Process So Difficult?

The resignation process can be challenging, but don't waver in your choices. Here's what to know about the process.

Today we are going to address a rather difficult situation. You have been through the entire process where you have had all the interviews, your offer letters have gone back and forth, fingerprints are done, and a background check is complete. Everything is ready for you to walk into the office with your current firm and resign. I am speaking from experience, as I too had to resign when I left and started my own firm, it was one of the hardest days mentally that I have encountered in my adulthood. I can certainly relate to what anybody is going through when they get ready to tackle the resignation process.

Your Scenario Determines The Difficulty In The Resignation Process

Let us look at the resignation process to put it into perspective. If you are resigning because things are not the way you want it to be and you feel no remorse about resigning, the process is simple and pretty clear going forward. This is especially true now during COVID-19 since most firms are accepting resignations over the phone. On the other hand, if you have been with the firm for many years where you feel close to your management team, but in your heart, you know it is time to leave; this becomes a difficult scenario that has to be addressed. Let’s look at the second scenario in depth.

Remember How Far You’ve Come Already

It is obvious there has been a reason why you engaged over the last three to six months in covert discussions with potential firms (or one firm in particular). If you were happy, you never would have engaged in these discussions. As anybody knows, these discussions are quite lengthy and extremely involved; therefore, just going through the process of interviewing, negotiating, and executing the final offer is extremely taxing on anyone. When the day of resignation comes closer, different emotions will take shape. The realization that you are now starting over has become reality and should be looked forward to with excitement, not concern. You have done all your analysis, you have done your due diligence, you know in your heart that it is time for you to make a move; and you now have to tender that resignation. We know it is difficult, so you must keep the following thoughts in mind throughout the resignation process.

Thoughts To Keep In Mind During The Resignation Process

Your present boss that you are resigning to is no longer your boss once you tender that resignation. He/she is your co-worker just like all of your other team members. They no longer have control over you or your decisions for your future. You made that decision once you signed the offer letter to go to a new firm. It is now time to step up, tender the resignation, and most importantly thank them for everything they have done for you. Know in your heart you have made the right decision. Any sort of remorse or second thoughts must be completely ignored as all decisions have been made.  The stronger your conviction when you submit your resignation, the less likely your present firm is going to tender a counteroffer (or worse make it difficult for you to leave). Many times throughout the resignation process a firm will offer carrots to get you to stay. In actuality, those individuals that have stayed after tendering a resignation are usually ready to leave once their “lockout” is over.

Final Words Of Encouragement

Your overall mindset at the time of resignation is the most important area that you need to be focusing on.  If your mindset is conclusive that you are making the right decision, then the resignation process should not be that hard. Remember why you started the conversations with a new firm. Keep that uppermost in mind as you resign and say your final goodbyes. Being aware that this is hard is half the battle. Anyone who is ever going to resign and does not take it seriously will be subject to increased pressure from their existing firm.


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