You Can’t Replace The Human Factor: Technology & The Role Of The Recruiter

The role of the recruiter is vital for successful matches between candidates and clients. Here's what you should know.

It’s time to explore the changing role of the recruiter with the advent of technology.  Everywhere we turn, AI (artificial intelligence) is being applied to make everyone’s job a bit easier.  From the blog writer to the medical profession, AI is being utilized.  Most blogs written now are being written completely or at least assisted in one way or another with Chat GPT.  It shouldn’t be a surprise that recruiters are also taking advantage of this technology.  Did you know that if you pose a recruiter an objection, right there and then, they can put your information into Chat GPT and suggest an answer to your objection?  

A Valuable Advocate, Not A Robot

This is not what should be done!  A recruiter should be able to think on their feet.  They should be able to write a blog without any additional assistance.  But this is not my message.  My message relates to how the business is getting done.  The changing role of the recruiter is causing many people to rethink if they need a recruiter at all.  Years back, when job boards were the hot thing, the industry was threatened by the question of whether a recruiter was even necessary since they only perceived the role as a matchmaker.  Some recruiters would just submit a resume, and the hiring manager would let them know if their candidate was hired.  That was not the role of the recruiter then and never will be today either.

The Role Of The Recruiter At The Foundation Is A Trusted Advisor

The role of the recruiter should be to manage the process – plain and simple.  A hiring manager who says he or she knows everyone does not understand the role of the recruiter.  If all they see the recruiter’s role is to just supply names, then that is not a recruiter you want to use (either as a candidate selecting one or a hiring manager giving a recruiter an assignment to be filled).  A recruiter must be perceived as an intricate member of the hiring team.  A recruiter’s main objective is to manage the process from the initial interview to the onboarding.  A recruiter must be a specialist and not a generalist.  The reason for this bold statement is that the recruiter is your trusted advisor.  How can you trust an individual who does not know your expertise almost as well as you know it? You can’t! 

The Human Factor Can Never Be Replaced For The Role Of The Recruiter

So many times I hear from a hiring manager or a candidate that an interview was set up, and it was an absolute waste of time for everyone involved.  Without the role of the recruiter having the requisite knowledge, the likelihood that someone is going to get hired at the professional level is extremely slim. A hiring manager must be able to share their real insight into the position so that the recruiter can get the message out to their database.  The use of AI here is irrelevant.  A hiring manager cannot talk to Chat GPT or any of its equivalents with the thoughts of what they really need.  We all know a job description is just that, a starting point for the candidate search.  However, if you are looking for that passive candidate, AI is not going to help you find them.  Most job descriptions are just the starting point of the search.  When the final candidate is hired, they rarely match up to an AI-written job description.  There is the human factor that you just cannot do without.  Today you can shed your concerns that AI is going to replace recruiters or candidates trying to find positions.  Talk to a recruiter and share your thoughts, and amazing results will occur.

For those of you wondering: None of my blogs utilize AI or Chat GPT.  


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