What Will Your Career Look Like In 2021?

What is leading your career path in 2021?

Is it too early to start planning for your career path in 2021? Recently I’ve discussed client firms that are entering into formal agreements in 2020 with start dates in 2021. What happens if you are not engaged as of now? Is it too late to start the process? With the average firm now taking substantially longer due to normal circumstances and abnormal causes, 2020 is most likely going to close out with you remaining where you are.

The Next Few Months

That is not to say there will not be any exceptions; however, the likelihood is that you will finish the year at your current firm. This in all probability is a good thing. If you are currently engaged with a firm in discussions, they most likely will want you to close in 2020 and hit the ground running with your career path in 2021. Everyone I speak to is expecting a quiet end of the year right after the election.  If you are like all my other friends in the business, you are too swamped to even read a 2-minute blog post.  Assuming you are still engaged in this blog, the current lame duck period may be a great time of opportunity.  Firms are exchanging seats again – not RIF’ing people as the average outsider thinks. We have talked at length about how to get hired in this new COVID-19 environment. If you do not remember, I urge you to peruse my site to read the blogs that relate to this topic.

It’s Time To Analyze – For The Sake Of Your Career Path In 2021

Now comes the analysis that should be done by each and every one of us. Do we want to continue on the same path as we are on today? Or is it time to look for a new track to further propel us in our career? The end of the year is the time to start thinking about this last question. Do not take this question lightly either because it is going to set the groundwork that you will be on for your career path in 2021. Take a look at all the positives then all the opportunities that were missed. Ask yourself if they were missed because your current firm did not support you in any way.

Questions That Help You Analyze Well

Was it the platform that held you back? Were there internal management decisions that held you back? Was it the desk that just did not perform (even though on paper the platform looked great)? Was the competition too strong? Was it…? You fill in the dots. This analysis is crucial for you to have a powerful career path in 2021. If any of the above reasons are areas that can be changed by changing your current firm, then that becomes an alternative to ponder. I never advocate anyone to move for a financial reason. I trust that you can see that by the above questions. They never asked, “Is the financial package that I currently have my main reason for contemplating a move?”   

The Results Determine Your Career Path In 2021

What is your reason to consider making a move? They should be detailed and specific – not nebulous. They should be something that is correctable by making that move. If they are not going to be resolved by a move, then it is more of an internal issue. An internal issue should be dealt with differently. Take the next couple of months to really evaluate where you are for the year 2020 and how your career path in 2021 looks. It is never too early to plan to have serious chats about your future career moves.


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