What A Recruiter Really Does: Part 1

What does a qualified recruiter really do?

What does a qualified recruiter really do? The simple answer to that question is we get people hired.  Let us delve more into what that entails.  Most hiring managers think all we do is present a resume, sit back, and collect “fat checks”. Recently I was being interviewed for a prospective new client where I was told they know everyone in their field. All I had to do was give them a name, and they will let me know if they want to potentially hire them. They also said if that were the case, they would reach out to them and if they got hired, they would compensate me accordingly.  Needless to say, I turned down the offer and the potential new client.  Let us explore why.

A Qualified Recruiter: Just Presenting Resumes Or More?

If a hiring manager only thinks what we do is present resumes, they are not allowing us to do our job, which benefits both candidates and clients accordingly.  Anyone can present a resume.  However, do you believe everything that is written on a resume? I do not.  As a qualified recruiter, I do my own drill down with about 100 – 150 questions, then I create a profile that candidly reflects who the candidate is.  Being an expert in my field, it is easy for me to determine who is real, who is not, and who will be a good fit for each of my opportunistic clients that will hire the right candidate.  A resume shows what was done in the past. A profile projects what they can do in the future and if they are a right fit.  Knowing everyone in the field does not matter. Knowing what they can do under your platform is crucial.

The First Call And Debrief With Your Qualified Recruiter

The next step, after the candidate is presented properly, is to schedule that first call.  Assuming the call goes as scheduled, the qualified recruiter then performs a debrief.  A debrief is a post call analysis of both parties take on the conversation.  As I counsel both my candidates and clients on the first call, all both should be thinking is: do they want to learn more?  That’s it.  Nothing more!  I cannot stress this enough.  With this as the only agenda for that first call, everyone is more relaxed where questions and answers flow much easier.  As both parties are just wanting to know that one bit of information at the end of the call.  Not the myriad of thoughts that go through most people’s minds (i.e., Do I want to move to this company? etc.)

Next Steps: Second Call & A Tailored Business Plan

After this initial call and debrief of both parties to determine if they want to move further along in the interview process, it is up to the qualified recruiter to work with the hiring manager.  One of the things we do is select other people in the firm that can add value to the on-going discussions with the potential recruit.  We set up further meetings for the recruit to learn more and start to have higher-level conversations.  Most of the time the second call is with the same individual that did the first call, but at a much deeper level.  Also, at this stage a hiring manager may ask a potential new hire to put together a business plan.  The business plan usually will cover the next three to five years of projected revenue, and where it is going to come from.  The recruiter will usually work closely with the candidate and help direct them as to the format and procedure to completing the task.  There’s a high likelihood that the recruiter has worked with the hiring manager in the past and knows what format plays best to each hiring manager’s taste.  For example, some hiring managers prefer more of a qualitative document like a written expanded executive summary, while others want an excel spreadsheet with numerous columns.  Please see previous blogs on business plan creation. 

Next week we will continue with part two of what a qualified recruiter really does.


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