The Key to Getting Hired – Ease of Doing Business

Getting hired two businessmen shaking hands

What do Nordstrom and Amazon have in common? The simple answer is the ease of doing business with these two great companies.  Nordstrom, a famous department store on the West Coast, is known for their ability to take returns back with no questions asked, a philosophy the owners began with and has never changed in their almost one hundred twenty-five years of history.  Amazon, a modern-day creation, has applied the same philosophy of making it as easy as possible for the consumer to have a great variety of products at all times with ease of return.  What does this have to do with today’s blog? Simply that, as a candidate, getting hired is about making it as easy as possible for a company to work with you, or they will go to the next recruit.

A Significant Change

As we mentioned in previous blogs, positions now are limited and getting hired is more challenging because of the disruption that has been created by the exiting of two very large investment banking firms and the absorption of their bankers, both the originating ones as well as the transactional bankers and their juniors.  Since the number of positions available this year is substantially limited, when you are engaged with a company, and they are seriously considering you, you must make yourself as easy as possible to work with. What does that mean?  It specifically addresses the ability of a company to continue to have interviews with you for one thing.

Be The Clear Solution

If a client wants to have numerous interviews, unlike in the past, you must be open to these excessive interviews.  If a client wants you to interview with very little notice, you again must make yourself available to do this.  The company must see you as flexible as can be when it comes to any scheduling requirements.  If a company asks you to provide further information, such as a business plan for them to consider your candidacy, you must provide those documents quickly and make them very effective.  The days of telling a company that you need more time than they are allotting you to complete any sort of paperwork are now gone.  Even though you may not see this as “time is of the essence,” it is.  Everything you do is being evaluated, and getting hired means you must make it as easy as possible for you to do business with them as they continue to evaluate your candidacy.

On Your Side

Just like with the company that you must make it easy to do business, working with a recruiter today should be treated the same way.  If you are engaged with a recruiter, when the recruiter asks for any additional information, please provide that as expeditiously as possible.  Because the only reason your recruiter asks for this information once you are engaged with his or her client, is because they have been asked to get that additional information from the hiring manager they are working with.  They are working to give you the best chance of getting hired. The same philosophy that both Amazon and Nordstrom have built in their legacy companies you can apply to build your next career move.


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