It’s Never Too Late

Is it too late for the candidate and hiring firm to work together if there is a time-lapse in communication during the hiring process? Here's what to know.

As many of my loyal readers know, I like to share experiences that are prevalent in the week that occurred, but more importantly relevant to my readers. This week I was fortunate enough to get to collaborate with a candidate that I had not worked with for quite a while.  On the face of things that may not sound that interesting, when we get further into the story you will see why I believe this is so impactful. This is especially true in today’s candidate-driven market with firms looking to hire professionals within public finance in a way I have not seen in quite a while. It is critical to not completely shut down those dreams for the potential where a candidate and hiring firm to work together someday

A Scenario To Consider:

What If The Timing Doesn’t Align For The Candidate And Hiring Firm To Work Together

Let me set the scene: this particular public finance banker was introduced to a firm over two years ago, and both candidate and hiring manager really liked each other. The candidate decided that this was definitely the right place to move to and the hiring firm had decided everything looked good on their part as well. It was all looking right on track for the candidate and hiring firm to work together. There was then a time-lapse where communication was going back and forth, but no offers were presented, which is a frustrating situation for both the candidate as well as the client. In this circumstance, the firm was a boutique firm and one principal wanted to move forward while the other one was concerned about a remote relationship. Finally, an offer was tendered, but too much time had lapsed, and the candidate started having second thoughts, even though they thought it was the right position in their heart.

Keywords To Focus On For The Candidate And Hiring Firm To Work Together

When the candidate reached out to me after finally receiving the offer, he shared that too many things had transpired personally where he and his family were no longer in a position for him to accept the offer. Although there was this great time-lapse, I could determine that the interest was still there. The candidate was concerned that this would be a one-time situation and the firm would never come back to the table again; they truly thought there would never be another opportunity for the candidate and hiring firm to work together. I counseled the candidate to respond to the hiring manager with these keywords: “At the present time I do not believe that this is the right opportunity for me.”

What It Means & How It Works For You

“At the present time” means exactly that – today. It does not mean that there will never be an opportunity for the candidate and hiring firm to work together. It keeps the door open. If a candidate would just say, “I’m not interested in your firm,” that leaves a bad taste with the hiring manager. But on the other hand, if a candidate says, “At the present time,” this is a much softer way of saying, “I’m interested in your firm. I like what I’ve heard, but I’m not in a position today to make that decision.” Fast forward to last week, the candidate that was hesitant informed me everything had been worked out and he is ready to start with the client. I knew from previous conversations that the client remained interested in my candidate and it all finally came to fruition. As I called the candidate, I started the conversation with, “Well, it’s about time.” The candidate is so excited about starting as well as the company. Both feel the same about the other. In conclusion, it’s never too late when it’s the right opportunity.  


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