Is It Time To Get Back In The Game After Early Retirement?

In our public finance space, there are many rethinking their early retirement decisions. Here are your options.

As my regular readers know, I like to share new trends that I am seeing in the public finance space.  This one though (not earth-shattering) sheds light on the state of our industry.  We are all aware that there has been RIF’ing occurring. Additionally, we see the offering of early retirement options being presented to senior bankers and attorneys. You may be wondering, “Are there people rethinking their early retirement too?” Let us look at what happens if your Riff’ed or you are offered early retirement. The trends will help you and your future.

Riff’ed With Your Age: Those Rethinking Their Early Retirement & More

First let’s discuss if you are Riff’ed and you are young. You immediately call everyone you know and go into a full-blown job search.  If you are older and you are Riff’ed, you probably start to think a few things. Is it time to retire? Or is it time to start that new business or hobby that you have put on the back burner of your brain?  Now, if you are offered early retirement with full benefits and have no financial concerns, all you can think about is the next round of golf.  Here is the interesting factor that is starting to play out: These so-called “lucky individuals” are bored after a couple of months of being out of the game. They end up rethinking their early retirement choices.

Stars Getting Back In The Game

We are starting to get calls from these top stars who are now sitting at home. That’s right. Those busy with the honey do’s, etc. are seriously considering re-entering the field.  It’s not surprising that these leading men and women are rethinking their early retirement options.  What does this mean?  It shows that these strong forces are not ready to ride off into the sunset.  If you are one of these stars and wondering if you are indeed still marketable, let me say immediately yes.  There are firms that will want your expertise and your contacts (as long as they are not too stale).  There are firms that would love to be able to add you to their employment roster.  Occasionally, just your name being associated with a firm will bring immediate credibility to firms that are not instantly recognizable or well known.  Also, we are not seeing firms shy away from these top-notch early retirees because of their perceived limited years that they still want to work. 

Trends With Returning Stars & Counsels

Addressing those rethinking their early retirement, if a star wants to bring along a junior then the team is very well desired. Firms see that there is a succession plan in place by this.  Firms (especially law firms and bond counsels) would love to have these senior well-respected bond counsels. Why? Because they will continue to keep their clients as they are being slowly transitioned to the junior member of the team. Thus, they will not lose their business when the senior counsel retires.  Also, firms that could not have afforded a star are now picking up these people at reduced salaries with the star counting on bonuses instead. This is obvious because these strong forces in the industry do not usually have financial concerns as they did when they were younger.

An Encouraging Last Word

If you or someone you know is rethinking their early retirement, research the trends and consider all your options. If you are one of these stars that are contemplating what your future could look like, know that you are probably still in demand. 


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