High-Quality Candidates: What They Look For In A New Company

Why do high-quality candidates start to look for new employment opportunities? Find out here.

We are back on track with sharing insights into the public finance and bond counsel recruiting world.  I want to share a part of an interview that just occurred when a new firm reached out to us to recruit for them.  After the typical questions of who we are, how we work, and what makes our firm so unique; we received the following request, “We want to understand the main driver that compels high-quality candidates to switch jobs and what triggers them to do so.”  

What Triggers High-Quality Candidates To Switch Jobs?

I have to admit this is a question that I have not been asked in quite a while, and I had to take my time to reflect upon all the recent conversations with high-quality candidates.  Was there a pattern in the reasons for people to consider a move? If so, what was that trend? I knew that answer, but the next part of the question I did not have an immediate answer to was what candidates really want now.  The first question always revolved around whether the employees wanted an improved platform, a better culture where they feel more appreciated, or diversity – these were the top three answers. After taking some time to think, it became clear that being part of the team was their great need.  Since the onset of the COVID pandemic, many people started working from home where virtual communication tools like Zoom had become their primary means of staying connected with colleagues. However, as people are now returning to their workplaces, they realize that the bonds they built virtually have become stronger and more important to them. While high-quality candidates are still open to new job opportunities, they want to ensure that they will be genuinely welcomed as part of a new team.  Instead, they want to be part of a supportive team that is willing to offer both professional and emotional support when needed. The pandemic has made people realize that isolation is no longer an effective way of working.  

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

What does it feel like to be part of a team?  This is the thing any firm that wants to distinguish themselves in the eyes of the new, high-quality candidates must demonstrate.  It is of great importance.  That not only means professional collaboration on projects but also that pitches are now made together.  The 103 lawyers who did not necessarily go out on a call are now very much in demand to go out on presentations with the bond counsels and the bankers on joint calls. A firm that can share that their current team has been together for quite a long time will have a better chance of landing that newly desired bond counsel or banker.  Moreover, candidates want to meet and spend time with their potential co-workers before making a decision to join the firm. Therefore, it is important to introduce high-quality candidates to as many current team members as possible.  The reason for this is to strengthen the presentation to the professional.  The more people that you can introduce who are working cohesively to the likely candidate, the stronger your presentation to the professional will become.

Overall Takeaway

Share this information with hiring managers, HR, and your team when it comes to interviewing your next prospect to join your firm.  This information is incredibly valuable today more than ever, especially if you want to land those great professionals and high-quality candidates for your firm.  More importantly, for your team.


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