Free Book on SBA Loan Approval Process

As many of you are aware I postponed my normal posts for a couple of weeks to let the more timely posts get your attention, I will begin next week on Thursday to resume my career transition blogs again.

However, what many of you are not aware of is that prior to becoming an Investment Banking Recruiter, I had my own firm procuring SBA loans for clients nationwide.  While there I wrote and sold  a comprehensive book on getting loans through loan underwriting –  “GET Your Loan Approved!”.  

Although the caps and dollar amounts may have changed the essence of the book is still relevant – getting your loan through underwriting and getting that check.   I am offering this book (PDF) and business template to anyone that sends me a request via email to help you get your SBA loan during this time.

Please feel free to share this with anyone that is in need of an SBA Loan.

Kindly send me an email at [email protected] and I will promptly send you the requested material.  Stay healthy and safe.