Beyond the Obvious

Unlike most blogs we write, today’s blog is addressed to all the hiring managers in the area of Public Finance. It does not matter if you are a manager at a Bank or a Bond Counsel firm, I have a question for you. Do you really know what an executive recruiter does for you? The title, Beyond the Obvious, should give you a clue; it’s a lot more than just showing you a potential candidate and getting them hired.  Yes, every recruiter, no matter how new or good they are, does that, but a genuinely trusted advisor does much more than show you a resume and introduce candidates to you.

The Hidden Impact Having a Recruiter Working For You

Do you know that a good recruiter who knows your specific niche is invaluable as a source of information to you, the hiring manager? Sure, you know all the good candidates out there, but a recruiter who is entrenched in your specific field is a source of so much more information for you. Since recruiters are out there in the marketplace every day talking to candidates and other firms, they hold a plethora of knowledge about the industry and trends that are occurring in your industry. But it is even more than that: A good, trusted advisor acts as a Public Relations Firm for your practice. With every call that a recruiter makes into the marketplace when they are working on a specific project, they are talking up your firm. They share with the pool of candidates everything that is exciting and good about your firm. They are enticing people to take a look at your company, bank, or firm, which they may not have even heard about your company.

More Insight Into The Market

A trusted advisor is exactly that: your eyes and ears in the world of Public Finance; they can share with you non-confidential information about what they may be hearing about your particular position that you are trying to fill or, more importantly, what the marketplace thinks about your firm. So many times, a recruiter will hear information that, when passed to the hiring firm, has been invaluable in changing perceptions about the position or even the inner workings in a company. Hiring managers and C-level positions are too close to see the trees in the forest; they know the forest and sometimes miss great details about views, which will change the perception of a firm. This information being shared can be invaluable when determining the brand you want the recruiter to share while searching for your next candidate.

More Feedback Equals Better Hires

Another thing the recruiter can provide is feedback about the candidates the firm is considering. Not just the candidate they may be representing, but others that a firm may be considering. I have received numerous calls from my trusted managers when I have been asked what the general perception of a particular candidate they are interviewing is. Not that they ask me for hiring advice, but they do ask us about anything we’ve heard or know about a particular candidate, as well as any insight into the company they are currently employed by, such as why a specific candidate was released, etc.  When considering a high-level candidate, this information becomes another bit of data that a hiring manager can digest when preparing to offer a position to a candidate.  Of course, knowing the positives and the negatives about the candidates we represent is crucial for a hiring manager to know. It goes way beyond the obvious resume and CV. For additional insight, please reach out to us for a confidential call about your hiring needs

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