Preparing to Resign? Been There, Done That!

Plan ahead! If you want to change positions, you should be preparing to resign and take the first steps.

An open letter to every candidate that ever thought about making a move in his or her career and preparing to resign:

I know I just did it after almost eight years with the same firm. So if you read my Linked In announcement yesterday you are aware that I just formed H. Friedman Search LLC.

I can now say with complete sincerity I KNOW what you go through when you are preparing to resign and make a move. No, let me correct that – even thinking about making a career change. It is overwhelming to say the least. It is all consuming of your free mental time. The maneuverings, preparing to resign, mental & verbal dialogues we go through is overwhelming to say the least. Even my wife of over thirty-six years told me to shut up and stop talking about my pending move.

So why am I sharing all this with you? It’s for one reason and only one reason – it’s that you are not alone when you are going through this career transition. Changing positions is one of the most stressful situations you can put yourself in. But, and here is the crux of the article if you do it right – the end result can be better than you ever expect. As long as you know what you really want to happen. Preparation is the key to a smooth transition, especially preparing to resign. Let me be clear I am not advocating doing anything regarding your current employee that is not 110% above board. But you can start mentally preparing to resign and everything that comes with that process. Once you have decided that it is time to move on, the next step is the communication of that thought to yourself first of all, second to your loved ones, & finally to your current employer. You must be making the decision to change employers as a business decision and not one of emotions. For once you decide that it’s the right business decision, the rest then falls into step. But if you are making your plans based on emotions, they change and so will your thoughts about making the dreaded move.  It is only dreaded because the questions you ask yourself.

In our cottage industry the number one question we all ask ourselves, and I can now include myself in that is: will my clients follow me? When you can answer that with a resounding yes, you are ready. If you are wavering about this question, then the answer should be you are not ready to make the move. The communicating that thought to yourself – you are ready to resign, and not accept a counter offer. If at the resignation you are fortunate as I was to create a win/win situation, then moving on is easier and more exciting. I look forward to working with many of you in 2019!

About Harlan Friedman, JD & Founding Member, H. Friedman Search LLC. Harlan is a thirty-year veteran Public Finance Banker turned recruiter who specializes in the placement of all level Public Finance Bankers, Health Care Bankers, Municipal Financial Advisors, Compliance Officers, FinOps & Bond Counsels. He can be reached at [email protected] or 760-477-1284.