Be In Charge Of Your Career: Stop Kicking Tires In 2024, Act Instead!

How do you avoid kicking the tires in 2024 with your current company?

Do you want to be where you were at the end of 2023 at the conclusion of 2024?  So many people decide to kick the tires at their current company but don’t do anything more than that for various reasons.  In this blog, I want to examine the reason people do not move forward when they know they need to deep down in their hearts.  It’s because people let their emotions overrule their business decisions.  This usually happens after a long weekend or a vacation when a person sees a need to look elsewhere. They decide to stay put with what they know rather than explore what they need to know to make an informed decision to leave a firm and look towards new waters.

Are Emotions In The Driver’s Seat?

Don’t get me wrong, this is not an easy decision.  It is one of the three most challenging decisions any person is faced with right next to the others being the choice of a marriage partner, the desire to have children and find a new position, and then the purchase of a house.  These are all significant decisions that have lifelong effects and should be taken very seriously.  Why do we let emotions control our decisions when we know it best to venture out to new pastures?  It’s because emotions are more accessible to say no to and remain in the same state you are currently in.  When emotions cause you to examine what is bothering you, a business decision must be made.  However, complacency is very hard to leave behind.  You are comfortable with the same old situation.  You know where the bathroom is and who to speak with at your current company to get things done.  It takes real nerve to pick up and leave a place with which you are so comfortable.

Will It Actually Ever Happen At Your Current Company?

Don’t you think your current company knows this?  Since they are aware of your reluctance to make a move, they can. I am not saying they all do, but they saddle you with the same old information, compensation, or whatever you want to replace here.  The point is, they are not feeling any pressure to move you any higher or pay you more when they know you are pleased in their perceived minds.  But are you?  If you are questioning how things have been over the last couple of compensation cycles, where there is always that promise of a better result and the results are just not happening – what makes you think that it will occur this time next year when compensation or promotions are discussed?

Are You The Problem At Your Current Company?

“Something has to change,” you say to yourself.  What has to change?  Is it you?  Your current company is not going to change its ways if it has not made any successful changes in the past. What makes you think it will make a change as it relates directly to you in the future?  It’s time to become proactive if this blog resonates with you.  Don’t be reactive when it can be too late but be proactive today.  The time to make a serious move is when you are at the top of your game.  Companies will be more than willing to pay you what you are worth when they know they have an exclusive opportunity with you through a recruiter.  However, if you are knocked off your pedestal for any economic reasons, your perceived value will be reduced.  Don’t wait for this to happen. Contact us today for a confidential chat.  We have public finance and bond counsel firms looking for the greats in our industry!


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