A Call Today Opens A Door Tomorrow

Here's what taking a call from an opportunistic recruiter gives you.

As I sat down to write this week’s blog, I was reflecting on where all of my contacts and leads came from the previous week.  Was there a trend to the candidates that I was now talking to?  Were they all from bulge brackets or small regional firms?  Were they on one coast versus another coast?  There was no trend immediately seen.  However, as I further looked at the people that are in play, I did realize that most, if not all, were coming from my database of candidates that I have spoken to in the past.  To an opportunistic recruiter, this was definitely insightful.

Conversations Lead To Opportunities…With An Opportunistic Recruiter

As I presented numerous times in the blogs over the months, my approach is clearly opportunistic.  No matter what the economy or issuance is, I always have clients who are looking for bankers or bond counsels who stand out.  However, recently instead of me trying to market (yes, I hate that word but nonetheless), clients have come to me for those special candidates.  As quickly as they reach out to me, I am able to set up interviews.  Why?  Because I am an opportunistic recruiter. I have already spoken to most of those special candidates at one time or another over the last ten to twelve years I have been recruiting only public finance professionals.  It’s easy for me to know who has that special background that my client may be looking to attract.  That is not to say that the person is actively or even passively looking for a new position.  I do know that they will qualify beyond my client’s wildest imagination.  As one client told me the other day, “Once again you found that needle in the haystack for us to interview.”

An Opportunistic Recruiter Can Burst The Door Open For You!

So, what does a phone call really do for you?  I am only able to open those “crazy” doors if I know about you and you know about me should something change on your part.  By having these calls early in your career, we are able to track each other and just check-in.  For example, the last candidate I am representing has been going on my LinkedIn and checking my profile for the last couple of months.  I was intrigued, so I reached out to this person with a position that may check all of his boxes.  How did I know that?  We tried to find a firm for him over three years ago.  Yes, sometimes it can take that long to find a match.  Since I am a relational and opportunistic recruiter, not a transactional recruiter, this was fine with me.  Any time I am having a conversation with a qualified professional in public finance, it does not matter if the candidate is ready to make a move today or not.  These conversations are the ones that can move the needle at any time – today or tomorrow.

You Miss 100% Of The Shots You Don’t Take…

Clients are always looking for that special individual. If you don’t have a call today to share your special talents, you will not be on the radar of an opportunistic recruiter like myself.  By not having the preliminary conversations and allowing the drill-down process for all your pertinent information to exist in the database of a recruiter, you would never be apprised of those special opportunities that do arise. Conversely, if you have shared your information, it’s a completely different story.  When those calls come in, you are now a known individual where a recruiter can at least present a new idea to you.  It may work or it may not, but at least you are in the right place to decide if it could work for you.  Don’t be shy and avoid these material conversations as you will never know what opportunity you may be missing tomorrow.  In conclusion, you will never be wasting your time or the recruiters’ time as you are sure to learn something about your own expertise that you may not have been aware of.  We like to think way outside of the box. So, take that next call or return that email because you never know where it can lead.


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