15 Key Interview Questions To Ask Prospective Employers

Here are the key interview questions to ask prospective firms.

We have addressed the important questions you need to ask yourself in preparation for an initial interview in a previous blog.  Now I want to address the questions that you should be prepared to ask your prospective employer to determine if this is the right place for you. If you’ve read my blogs in the past, you may know that I take a proactive approach with all of my candidates. We must explore these key interview questions to ask thoroughly. They will help you determine the culture, platform, and the potential fit for you to feel comfortable in making a move.

My Recruiting Philosophy & Method Matching Candidates & Firms

I am going to digress for a second and share my philosophy of recruiting. When I am working with a candidate, I only select one firm that I will introduce them to. If both the candidate and company like what they hear, then there is no reason to introduce them to any other company. How do I make that determination? Continue reading, and you’ll find out. When I first take on a new client, I do a 45-minute drill down on everything about that firm in order to understand what makes that firm tick. Your job as a potential employee is to do the exact same thing within the first interview. You now will be able to do the above, then determine what is important to you by reviewing the 15 key interview questions to ask below.

The 15 Key Interview Questions To Ask The Hiring Manager

Most firms will be most delighted to answer these questions for you. With you having the ability to do an in-depth analysis, you will be able to determine if it is the right fit.  As you are determining this, the firm that you are interviewing with will be extremely impressed with the thoroughness of your key interview questions to ask, which will go a long way.

1.         Please provide me a brief history of the firm.

2.         Why did you decide to go to the firm?

3.         Where do you see the firm heading in the next few years?

4.         In what areas is the firm expanding as well as potential contracting?

5.         What is the competitive advantage of this firm as to others in the marketplace?

6.         What is the firm’s management like?

7.         What is the average tenure of your key employees, managers and directors?

8.         What is the strength of your platform or desk?

9.         Why are you interested in me? What do you see as my perceived value to the firm?

10.  How would you describe the culture of the firm?

11.  What style of management do you tend to use with your employees?

12.  What are your expectations of my results within the first year? How are they measured?

13.  Is there a formal review process, probationary period?

14.  With COVID-19, what are your expectations of me travelling for business?

15.  How much marketing and resource support will be provided? What type will be proved for me to ramp up quickly?

Additional Tips To Have An Overall Positive & Prepared Interview

These key interview questions to ask will help reveal information that you might not have thought of while you are interviewing. The interview itself tends to be a stressful situation. Being prepared with your questions will give you more control over the interview. I am not saying or suggesting that you must ask all 15 of these questions. Choose the ones that are most relevant to you and explore them with the hiring manager. I also understand most firms at the conclusion of the interview will ask, “Do you have any further questions?”   I recommend that you hold back at least two key interview questions to ask from the above list and close out the interview on a high note. Please be aware how you end the interview, which will be the most memorable since it’s the last thing you said.  Afterwards listen closely to proposed steps offered by the hiring manager; it’s your key to determine how well you interviewed.


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About Harlan Friedman, JD & Founding Member, H. Friedman Search LLC. Harlan is a thirty-year veteran Public Finance Banker turned recruiter who specializes in the placement of all level Public Finance Bankers, Health Care Bankers, Municipal Financial Advisors, Compliance Officers, Issuers, and Bond Counsels.